air conditioning service

Air Conditioning Repairs and Re-gas

Are you having troubles with the air conditioner in your car? At DMD Automotives, we offer auto air conditioning servicing. We are registered and only work in accordance with Australian Refrigeration Council, specialise in automotive air condition servicing, re-gassing and repairs, and work by all standards and guidelines. 

How do you know your car air conditioner needs a service?

  • A/C system isn’t working
  • A/C is blowing air that is not cold, or not as cold as it should be
  • Squealing or grinding noise from engine bay

How do you fix a broken car air conditioner?

Our licensed technician will,

  • Check the pressure of the A/C system will
  • Check the compressor power and ground
  • Check the system for leaks using dye
  • When we find the issue, we will remove the refrigerant
  • We can either repair, or replace faulty parts as needed.
  • Flush the entire air conditioning system to remove any contamination
  • Add new refrigerant (re-gas)
  • Check for leaks and your car air conditioner works as you expect

Why should you service your air conditioning?

Even if you think your car air conditioning is working, it pays to get it checked by a professional. A regular car service helps keep your car running. Servicing your A/C will make sure you aren’t left without it on a hot day. 

Air Conditioning Repair

For cars with a bigger problem than needing a re-gas, we can also source and fit replacement parts for any make and model car. We will advise you the cheapest course of action to have your car running like new.