Car Window Tinting

Where do you get car window tinting?

There are numerous places around Melbourne’s western suburbs to get your car windows tinted. DMD Automotives are your local Derrimut mechanic with over 10 years of experience. We service the west suburbs, including Derrimut, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, Rockbank, and all surrounding suburbs. You can trust your vehicle with DMD Automotives. Our experts can tint all makes and models of cars. You should be aware of many regulations around the tinting limits in Victoria. We ensure the tint film used on your vehicle complies with all local laws.

There are numerous benefits that car window tinting provides.

Temperature Control

Australian summers can be sweltering. Having dark-tinted windows can help you stay comfortable in your car during long drives. This is done because dark tints can reduce the amount of heat from sunlight that passes through the windows of your car. This heat is then trapped inside your vehicle. However, having your car windows tinted means less heat will come into the vehicle, keeping you more relaxed. With less heat trapped in your car’s cabin, your air conditioning system doesn’t need to work as hard to keep you and your family cool.

Protect your interior

Over time, the damaging UV rays from the sun will cause the colour pigment to fade. Having your car windows tinted can help block up to 70% of these UV rays, reducing the speed at which the interior of your vehicle fades. Leather and vinyl can quickly discolour and begin to crack. Our car window tinting will help keep your car looking newer for longer, maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Health & Safety

The sun doesn’t just damage your vehicle’s interior; UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. If you spend long hours driving under the hot sun, you should consider getting your car windows tinted. The majority of UV rays can be blocked out by window tinting. This can ensure that your skin isn’t subjected to harmful UV rays while driving.

Privacy & Security

Having your windows tinted darkly can help stop others from looking into your car. This can help give you privacy while driving, but if the tint is dark enough, it can make it harder for people to look into your parked car.

How much does car window tinting cost?

The cost of car window tinting varies based on the size and number of car windows and which tint of film you pick. DMD Automotives have a wide range of different shades to choose from. Our experts can help advise the best car tint for your vehicle. We guarantee our prices are competitive and our customer service is second to none. We take great pride in treating your vehicle as our own.

How long does car window tinting take?

Car window tinting can usually be completed within one day. If your vehicle already has a tint, you must allow extra time to remove the old shade. Call us at 0421 236 928, and we can advise how long we will need your vehicle.

Is car window tinting legal?

Tinting your vehicle’s windows is legal. However, there are restrictions on the darkness of tiny films. We can tint the windows of your car with the darkest legal tints to a transparent UV protection tint. You can discuss and pick whichever type of tint you prefer.

How do I care for car windows after they have been tinted?

You should use a soft lint-free cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Do not clean the glass during the tint drying period of 21 days.

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