CSA Wheels

DMD Automotives proudly offers Mullins Wheels, a brand with a remarkable 108-year history in the Australian market. When you choose Mullins CSA wheels through DMD Automotives, you’re not just selecting any wheel but investing in a well-recognised, well-regarded, and market-leading brand in Australia.

Mullins CSA continuously innovates with its wheel designs, offering fresh, contemporary, and fashionable options. We are confident that by selecting CSA alloy wheels, you will significantly improve your vehicle’s aesthetics.

Discover our Range of Mullins CSA Alloy Wheels for Every Vehicle

At DMD Automotives, our assortment of Mullins CSA alloy wheels spans the needs of Passenger Cars, SUVs, and 4×4 Vehicles. We carry sizes ranging from 13″ diameter to 20″ diameter. All Mullins CSA alloy wheels undergo a meticulous design and development process and are rigorously tested to the JWL-VIA International Standard. This process guarantees they possess the resilience required to withstand Australian road conditions.

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