Suspension And Brakes

Keeping your suspension in perfect condition is important for your car’s performance

It is important that your car’s suspension provides a smooth, comfortable ride – even when you’re on a bumpy road. However, your suspension’s most important job is to keep all four tyres in contact with the road so that steering, driving and braking systems are effective. Without maintaining your suspension, the control of the vehicle can become unmanageable and can lead to serious unfortunate accidents.

Shock absorbers and springs are the main parts working together to ensure your suspension is workable, however, it’s important that other parts, including ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes are in good condition.

When you need your brakes serviced, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. We only use the highest quality brake components ensuring to keep you safe. Worn components are replaced with parts that match or exceed original manufacturer’s specifications, or when an upgrade or change in driving conditions demands a different performance standard, we are the specialists here to assist you. DMD Automotives can diagnose and service or replace your shocks, steering and suspension components, offering only the highest quality and most cost effective repairs for all your automotive requirements, keeping you and your family safe along with your vehicle driving smoothly for your everyday comfort.