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Are you looking for tyre & wheel repair and replacement service in Derrimut? DMD Automotives are here to help you get your car back on the road. We provide repair and replacement services to suit your requirements.

At DMD Automotives, we supply the highest quality tyres at the lowest prices- our promise. We offer a tyre fitting service, wheel balancing, and wheel alignments while your car is in for a service for your total convenience. We can source every brand tyre from mid-range to the highest quality to suit your expectations. 

Our auto repair shop is equipped with the right tools to complete the repair and replacement of your tyres.

Before replacing your tyres, feel free to visit us, and we will be able to inspect your tyre tread and advise you of your tyres remaining life expectancy free of charge for your peace of mind. 

We specialise in alloy wheel repair, including tyre repairs & service Derrimut and servicing customers in Ravenhall, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, and many surrounding suburbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to put on a tyre?

General tyre installation & balancing will vary between $30-$50 plus GST per tyre depending on the size of your tyre. 

What is involved in tyre fitting?

Our replacement methods involve, removing your old tyre, installation of a new valve stem and core and fitting of your new tyre with a final balance to ensure no vibration through the vehicle.

Is it ok to replace just two tyres?

Its ok to replace two tyres minimum so the tread pattern is matching left to right on a 2WD vehicle. If the vehicle is AWD or 4WD, we always recommend replacing all 4 tyres.

Can I replace tyres myself?

We always recommend a professional replace your tyres for health and safety reasons. 

How much should a tyre puncture repair cost?

We charge $30 plus gst for a puncture repair.

Is it worth repairing a puncture? 

It is certainly worth repairing a tyre if it is repairable. Please refer to Vicroads standards in reference of repairing a tyres legality.

How long will a tyre last after puncture repair?

A puncture repair will last the life of the tyre providing it has been repaired correctly.

How much does wheel alignment cost?

we charge $65 plus gst for a front end alignment and $80 plus gst for a front and rear end alignment. 

How long does it take to do a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment service takes between 30 – 40 mins

Why is having a wheel alignment important?

We always recommend a alignment once a new set of tyres fitted to prolong the life of your new tyres.

How much does it cost to balance a set of wheels?

We charge $25 per tyre to balance your tyres or included free of charge when purchasing new tyres from our store.

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