Ford BA/BF Falcon Ignition Switch Repair

The Ford BA Falcon was released in 2002, and the BF Falcon and the Ford Territory suffer from ignition switch issues. These cars were produced by Ford in the 2000s and share many of the same parts. DMD Automotives are fully qualified to repair or replace your ignition barrel to get your car working safely again. Ford BA, BF Falcons, and SX and SY Territory’s ignition switches have cast alloy housing. This housing can release, which causes the switch internals to become faulty or fail. 

Does your BA Ford Falcon, BF Ford Falcon, or Territory SX – SY refuse to start? The ignition barrel in these Fords is known to fail and require repair. The BF & BA Falcon and SX & SY Territory have the same problem.

If have BA or BF Falcon ignition barrel problems or ignition switch problems, give us a call on 0421 236 928. We’ll be able to identify the problem with your Ford and have it back on the road ASAP. Whether it needs repairing or parts replaced, DMD Automotives can help.

Problems that could affect your car

  • The car is not turning off
  • The engine turns off while running
  • Key springs back from the start position to the accessories. It would be best if you held the key in to drive your Falcon.
  • When trying to start the car, your dash lights come on, but nothing happens. When turning the key, there is no resistance in either direction.
  • Can’t cut power to your car.

How to fix Falcon that won’t start

BF Falcon Ignition Switch Replacement – BA Falcon Ignition Switch Replacement

You don’t have to spend lots of money to replace the steering column of your BA Falcon, BF Falcon, or Ford Territory. We can replace the faulty parts in your car and have your BF Falcon running like new.

DMD Automotives are fully qualified and specialise in all your mechanical needs, and are experts at repairing the ignition barrels on BA-BF Falcon that won’t start. We are located in Derrimut and offer fast, affordable repairs. Alongside being experts at fixing BA/BF Falcons with ignition barrel problems, we offer a full automotive service.

Book in your Ford Falcon or Ford Territory for repair

If your Ford BA Falcon, Ford BF Falcon, Ford SX Territory, or Ford SY Territory has any of the abovementioned issues. This simple repair will save you money. Rather than replacing the entire steering column, we replace the Ford Ignition Switch.

Call DMD Automotives on 0421 236 928 or Make a booking to get your car back on the road. The repair will only take a few hours. DMD Automotives are located in Derrimut and are fully qualified car mechanics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost to replace a Ford Ignition switch?

Cost to replace Ford ignition Switch is $395 plus gst & will vary in price for other makes and models.

Does a new ignition switch need to be reprogrammed?

We reprogram and re code your ignition switch, so it is fully functional to manufacturer specification.

Can I replace my own ignition switch?

Special tooling is required to replace your ignition switch and is always recommended to be done one of our professional technicians.

How long does it take for a mechanic to replace an ignition switch?

General time frame to replace your ignition switch will require a 2-3 hour turn around time.

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