Minor And Major Servicing

DMD Automotives has experience in minor and major repairs for all vehicle makes and models. We provide cost-effective and reliable repair services, which include routine car service, new vehicle logbook service, and mechanical repairs. We take care of all the aspects necessary to keep your vehicle running safely. Our service is not just limited to mechanical repairs. We offer various services, from auto electrical services for all makes and models. We use the highest quality non-recycled oils and advanced API-approved additives to blend the highest OEM-approved engine oils and lubricants.

DMD Automotives is a one-stop shop for mechanical repairs and routine servicing. Always aim to provide you with the high level of services needed to quickly get your car back on the road. We are highly trained and experienced mechanics who can efficiently examine and repair your vehicle. We provide quality work and 100% satisfaction to all our customers.

Whether you drive a small car, SUV, or prestige car, we will ensure your vehicle performs at its best with our services. By bringing your car to us for mechanical work, you can minimize the risks of sudden breakdowns or additional complex problems.
We can repair your Engine, Suspension, Air Conditioning, Starters, Alternators, Brakes, and more.


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